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Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction


Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction (SCFE-CO2) is a process in which the objective(target) compound is extracted and/or separated from its material using supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) as solvent. The supercritical state of a matter means that both its temperature and pressure are higher than the critical temperature and the critical pressure respectively. SCFE-CO2 is based on the large difference in dissolubility of carbon dioxide at different temperature and/or pressure. As a result, we can control conveniently the selectivity and completeness of extraction by changing the temperature and pressure of carbon dioxide.

The outstanding advantages of SCFE-CO2 are low temperature, high efficiency, high selectivity and no pollution.

Process Features of SCFE-CO2

  • Solvent: liquid or sub-liquid carbon dioxide or mixture solvent
  • Dissolving: controllable, strong dissolving capability for organic matters
  • Extracting: strengthened extraction at high pressure, rapid and complete
  • Separating: easy Selectivity: controllable with temperature, pressure and co-solvent
  • Operating: half auto-controlling, convenient

Technical Advantages of SCFE-CO2

  • As a solvent, the colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic and inert carbon dioxide leads to green and healthy products and safe operating.
  • As a gas at room temperature, carbon dioxide does not remain in the product and can be separated easily during production.
  • Due to low extraction temperature, generally about 30℃, the products are very natural and original.
  • Due to the strong penetrability and dissolving capability of SC-CO2, the extraction is very fast and complete companied by controllable selectivity.
  • High-pressure carbon dioxide has sterilization and anti-oxidation effects.
  • The extraction is conducted in a close dark system, which avoids the decomposing of product caused by light.
  • There will exist no or trace heavy metals and pesticide in the SCFE products.

Advantages of SCFE-CO2 Products

  • 100%Natural and original characteristics
  • High content in active or functional components
  • No change caused by light and through chemical reaction during the whole production
  • No organic solvent
  • No heavy metals residue
  • Long self life due to its original preservative and antioxidant

Applications of SCFE-CO2 Products

  • Spices and flavorings
  • Raw material of fragrance
  • Cosmetics and daily chemical
  • Natural coloring matter
  • Natural antioxidant
  • Natural bactericide and pesticide
  • Medicine Stuff or ingredients
  • Active ingredients for health products
  • Organic foods

Applications of SCFE Technology

1 Medicine Industry

  • Separation-purification of active compounds in the Chinese Traditional Medicine
  • Concentration & refining of medicinal crude stuff
  • Separation-refining of lipid mixture
  • Removal of organic solvents
  • Preparation of nano-meter organic pharmaceuticals
  • Supercritical carbon dioxide sterilization

2 Food and Ferment Industry

  • Separation of resultants from the thalli mixture
  • Extraction of flavor and fragrance
  • Extraction of lipids from animals or herbals
  • Extraction of natural antioxidants
  • Extraction of edible coloring matter
  • Removal of peculiar smell, color, acid and organic solvent
  • Removal of injurant and toxicant

3 Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry

  • Extraction of botanical essential oils and flavors
  • Refining or purifying of botanical essential oils and flavors
  • Extraction of functional ingredients
  • Preparation of nano-meter particles

4 Daily Used Chemicals Industry

  • Extraction of disinfectant and bactericide
  • Extraction of enhancing flavor matter
  • Extraction of functional ingredients

5 Petroleum And Chemical Industry

  • Removal of the residual petroleum
  • Regeneration of lubricant
  • Catalytic synthesis in supercritical fluid
  • Preparation and regeneration of high active catalyst
  • Refining of the stuff in organic synthesis
  • Separation of co-boiling mixture
  • Reclaiming of reaction stuff

6 Environment Protection Industry

  • Removal of heavy metals in stuff, clay, radioactive waste water and so on
  • Washing of precision instruments and electron elements
  • Supercritical dyeing
  • Supercritical spraying-painting