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Herbs-Ex innovates continuously

HERBS-EX has a high quality R&D team and the most advanced research conditions, which assures her continuous innovating, and leading the direction of market development. HERBS-EX makes Chinese Academy of Sciences and Huanan Agricultural University as the foundation of innovation, except for her own R&D center.

HERBS-EX attracts many students abroad, including postdoctoral researchers, professors, doctors and masters, to carve out in it. They are all experts with profound accomplishments in the fields of organic chemistry, phyto-chemistry, traditional Chinese medicine, tea technology, essence & spice technology and forestry chemical technology respectively.


HERBS-EX also has the most famous experts of food engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, supercritical fluids extracts, membrance separation technique, molecule distillation, microcapsule preparation and ultra/nono powder preparation. HERBS-EX owns the most advanced analytical instruments, including UV/VIS Spectrophotometers, Atomic Absorption Spectrometers, Gas Chromatographies, GC/Mass Spectrometry, HPLC, HPTLC, TLC, IR, Polarimeter, Colorimeter, and so on.


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