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Company Profile

Guangzhou Herbs Ex Co.,Ltd. is a market-oriented and research driven company based in China. She is an innovative manufacturer of botanical and herbal extracts, serving the worldwide manufacturers of medicine, health foods, functional beverage,personal care ingredients and cosmetics. The Company’s product line is wide, ranging from powder extracts to essential oils,(eg. Ginger essential oil etc.) from normal solvent extracts to SCFE (supercritical fluid extraction) products, in which absolutely no solvent residue.

Herbs-Ex also offers value-added services such as formulation design, developing of new product, model test, technique training, clinical trial and contract manufacturing.

Herbs-Ex’s strategic goals are to be the technique leader in China and a major global supplier in the natural ingredients industry.

Herbs-Ex’s competitive advantages come from the integration of its extensive expertise in the following areas: Research & Development; Manufacturing; Quality Control and Customer Service.

Research & Development

Herbs-Ex has a strong R&D team of over 20 scientists dedicated to developing innovative ingredients to meet the market demand, a Guangdong Key Laboratory of Natural Products to do fundamental study in Photochemistry, Pharmacology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Separation-purifying Engineering. Coupled with our sophisticated apparatuses, we can effectively develop the customized ingredients to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

GAP Plantation Base

For its feature products such as Gingerols, Cinnamon bark extract, Garlic extract, Ligusticum oil, Rosemary antioxidant, Shikimic acid, Artemisinin and so on, Herbs-Ex has established 100 to 20000 hectares GAP base for each, which assure the products safe and controllable in price and quality.


Herbs-Ex has held 4 plants, 2 normal solvent/water extraction plants and 2 supercritical fluid extraction (SCFE) plants. These plants have a total annual capacity of 500 metric tones of Powdered Extracts and 30 metric tones of SCFE Essential Oils. A series of know-how techniques, together with the GAP raw material guarantee us to supply our customers with safe and more value feature products.

Quality Control

The plants are certified with ISO9001, CGMP, HACCP and Kosher. This guarantees further that the quality of our products is stable and consistent. Herbs-Ex’s analysis center, with 8 experienced analysis engineers and many advanced apparatus is responsible for the QC of products.

Customer Service

At Herbs-Ex, we have a professional sales & marketing team that provides our customers with effective and fast service including inquiry handling, sample preparation, order processing, shipment and documentation. Some experienced and professional scientists will answer your various questions.